HealthStart Community Picnic

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On Sunday, we had the privilege of helping HealthStart Foundation with their First Annual Community Picnic.
When I arrived, it was obvious that the event was very well-organized, with swarms of green-clad volunteers in the field behind the Mexican-American Culture Center. We unloaded our obstacles (precision trainers, a rail horse, and a vault box) and set up a mini obstacle course in one corner of the field.

Then the participants started showing up, and we played many games of follow-the-leader, first leading, then following the kids and volunteers over, along, under, and through our course. The adaptability of the obstacles served us well, allowing us to change the difficulty of the course depending on the children’s age, height, and ability level. Kids are naturals at this kind of thing, so I tried not to instruct so much as guide, support, and encourage their play and exploration. Their enthusiasm was contagious, even in the heat of a Texas April.

This was an awesome event – I know I had at least as much fun as the kids did!
Thanks to Aidan and Anthony for support and transportation, and thanks very much to Robin and Kim of HealthStart for putting this on and inviting us to be part of it!

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